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M9 Bayonet - Gamma Doppler (Emerald) - Factory New (FN)

M9 Bayonet - Gamma Doppler (Emerald) - Factory New (FN) is a skin from Counter-Strike 2. You will find here samples of the skin for the PC and mobile version that we have prepared for you.

The M9 Bayonet is a popular and iconic knife in the Counter-Strike computer game. Its distinctive blade and handle shape, inspired by the M9 military bayonet, make it one of the most desirable knives in the game. With its stylish design and the ability to personalize it with various skins and patterns, the M9 Bayonet is becoming a highly prized collector's item among gamers and is often seen in the hands of those who want to make an impression and stand out from other gamers.

The Gamma Doppler Emerald color is a distinctive pattern for weapon skins in the Counter-Strike computer game. This pattern creates a beautiful effect dominated by different shades of green, reminiscent of emerald gems. The Gamma Doppler Emerald is highly prized for its aesthetic appeal and rarity among CS players. Its unique and vibrant colors make these skins desirable and popular among collectors and players who want to customize the appearance of their weapons in the game.

The skin has been added to the game 16/06/2016. Skin can be found in crates Gamma 2 Case , Gamma Case .

Listed in collections Gamma Doppler (Emerald) .

Skin demo