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Only that which is capable of destroying itself truly lives.

Author: Bruyére Jean de la
That I have fed the hungry, forgiven the offended, and begun to love my enemy, these are great virtues. But suppose I should find that the most miserable of all beggars and the dearest of all sufferers lies within me, and that it is I who am the much-needed alms of my own kindness, and that I am the enemy to be loved... What then?

Author: Carl Gustav Jung
The great decisions in human life are often made by instinct and other mysterious subconscious agencies, and are rarely the work of conscious will and common sense. The shoe that fits one person pushes the other; therefore, there is no universal guide to life. Each of us carries our own life - an outer solid skin - and an irrational form that cannot be shed.

Author: Carl Gustav Jung
Nothing has a stronger mental effect on a person's environment, especially on children, than the unlived life of their parents.

Author: Carl Gustav Jung
The unconscious is nature and nature never lies.

Author: Carl Gustav Jung

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I told my hot coworker how I felt. It turns out she also felt the same way. So I turned on the air conditioning.
When a man opens the car door for his wife, you can be sure of one thing — either the car is brand new or the wife is.
Man: "I haven’t spoken to my wife in 18 months.” Friend: "What happened?” Man: "I don’t like to interrupt her.”
If love is "grand,” then what is divorce? A hundred grand, or even more.
Did you know that marriage is a three-ring circus? Engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.