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Quotes about life

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Love only makes us happy instead of making our life joyful.

Author: Aischylos
There's always a boulder or a bank or a stump somewhere that isn't afraid to stem the flood of murky stupidity.

Author: Werich Jan
He who does not have the courage to be foolish in his own way hardly has the courage to be clever in his own way.

Author: Paul Jean
You only live once. So it should be fun.

Author: Coco Chanel
Destroy fear and apprehension, fear nothing and open up to new possibilities, only then will you be able to see clearly what lies ahead. Take the best of the past and then let it melt away in your mind forever. It's like closing a door and opening a window.

Author: Buddha
One woman can sometimes see farther than five men with binoculars.

Author: Werich Jan
When others become pigs, we don't have to be pigs.

Author: Remarque Erich Maria
If justice ceases to exist, there is no reason for humans to live on Earth.

Author: Kant Immanuel
To live is to fight.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
Life will soon be over and then no one will give us anything for being sad or happy.

Author: Remarque Erich Maria
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