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Quotes about men

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One woman can sometimes see farther than five men with binoculars.

Author: Werich Jan
Man: a creature who steals the first kiss, begs the second, wins the third, gets the fourth, enjoys the fifth, and patiently endures all the others.

Author: Rowland Helena
There are two things a man will never understand: the mystery of creation and a lady's hat.

Author: Coco Chanel
When a man has no sense, a woman must be resourceful. If a woman is not resourceful, a man must have reason.

Author: Werich Jan
Every man needs three women to live: a mother, a wife and at least one who considers him a man.

Author: Laub Gabriel
There's usually a big woman behind every idiot.

Author: John Lennon
The man is a successful freeloader, a drone who invented civilization, art and war because he had no other use for it and because he had a power which he had to use somehow.

Author: Maurois André
A man can get used to an ugly woman, but never to a sloppy one.

Author: Coco Chanel
As a rule, a woman loves a man's soul more than his body, a man loves a woman's body more than her soul.

Author: Archias