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People and Man

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The best way to flatter is to let the other person speak and be a listener.

Author: Addison Joseph
Cowards are undoubtedly a dangerous element, but what about brave fools?

Author: Werich Jan
Before you go out to the party, go back to the mirror and take off one piece of jewelry.

Author: Coco Chanel
A man does not know how good he is until half his happiness depends on a great sin.

Author: Paul Jean
There are people who only need the opportunity to be virtuous.

Author: Paul Jean
Man is great in his resolutions, but weak in their execution.

Author: Remarque Erich Maria
Of course, one may think and say that there are small people, but one should not think that he belongs to the big ones.

Author: Paul Jean
We are to be different from others inwardly, not outwardly.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
Fanaticism is always a symptom of suppressed doubt.

Author: Carl Gustav Jung
Those who have given up physical exercises often become sick, for the strength of their organs weakens as a result of lack of exercise.

Author: Avicenna
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