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Speech and silence

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If I learn to speak without words, I will understand myself.

Author: Paulo Coelho
The best way to flatter is to let the other person speak and be a listener.

Author: Addison Joseph
Talking a lot and saying a lot are not the same thing.

Author: Homér
To be able to speak is no more a virtue than to be able to stop.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
Take the word ass. It's a temple in Czech swearing. We put everything we've failed to do there. We send the uncomfortable people there. We even cry out there in desperation for help. I'm sure you know people who can't string a sentence together without a dude. And the overabundance has made the swearing meaningless. It's become a sound. If you say excrement today, people turn around in outrage. If you say shit, they don't even turn around.

Author: Werich Jan
Use your ears rather than your tongue.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
Speaking the truth in a time of universal deception is a revolutionary act.

Author: Orwell George
He who has done a good deed, let him be silent, let him who has received the boon speak.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
Knowing when to be quiet and when not to be quiet is a big thing.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
The manner of speech is a reflection of the spirit.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus