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Quotes about power

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Dictators are never cheerful.

Author: Remarque Erich Maria
If you judge, examine; if you rule, command.

Author: Cicero Marcus Tullius
Follow such principles as you could clearly claim to be universal laws.

Author: Kant Immanuel
Society has no more right to change the opinion of an individual than an individual has to change the opinions of other members of society.

Author: Mill John Stuart
Since the opposite of every false statement is truth, the number of truths is as inexhaustible as the number of errors.

Author: Rousseau Jean Jacques
Too much of everything is harmful. This is most true of the power of individuals.

Author: Laub Gabriel
It's easy to learn to rule, hard to rule.

Author: Goethe Johann Wolfgang von
Nothing in politics is above reproach.

Author: Hašek Jaroslav
The power that holds cities and people together is honest law-keeping.

Author: Euripidés
Power is never solid enough if it is too great.

Author: Tacitus Publius Cornelius
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