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Quotes about education

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The only way to knowledge is action.

Author: Shaw George Bernard
To learn is to discover what you already know. To do is to demonstrate that you know it. To teach others is to remind them that they know it as well as you do. You are all students, trainees and teachers at the same time.

Author: Bach Richard
Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.

Author: Fuller Thomas
The actual university of our life is a collection of books.

Author: Carlyle Thomas
All knowledge comes from the heart, all education from life.

Author: Hebbel Christian Friedrich
Practice is the best teacher.

Author: Cicero Marcus Tullius
Education is the best fare for old age.

Author: Aristoteles
Experience makes you pay an extraordinarily high tuition, but you learn as much as anyone.

Author: Carlyle Thomas
An expert, a specialist, a person who knows his own stuff, but knows things that cannot be communicated, but which, fortunately, nobody seems to need.

Author: Kafka Franz
Do not look upon scholarship either as a crown to adorn yourself or as an axe to grind for a living.

Author: Talmud
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