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Quotes about religion

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The theologians immediately start claiming that God is outraged when man disagrees with their beliefs.

Author: Voltaire
Hope in eternal life is the foundation of our faith in life. I say faith because life and work are based on faith.

Author: Masaryk Tomáš Garrigue
Do not underestimate the wisdom of the Church! It is the only dictatorship that has not been overthrown for two thousand years.

Author: Remarque Erich Maria
Faith is a power that works miracles indirectly. By faith, I can work a miracle for myself at any moment - and often for others too, if they have faith in me. True faith is directed only to the things of another world. Faith is the rest of waking and acting and feeling in another world.

Author: Novalis
Christianity teaches only simplicity, humanity, humanity; whoever wants to convert it into metaphysics wants to make it a source of error.

Author: Voltaire
Religion is life under the gaze of eternity.

Author: Masaryk Tomáš Garrigue
Whether it is a religious faith, a national faith, a political faith, or a faith in the beauty and necessity of a work, every social faith admirably strengthens love.

Author: Maurois André
There are many religions, but only one morality.

Author: Ruskin John
I want my steward, my tailor, my footman and my wife to believe in God; I think I will be less robbed and less cheated.

Author: Voltaire
God created man in His own image and man returned the favor perfectly.

Author: Voltaire