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Quotes about old age and youth

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We all like to grow old when we're eighteen.

Author: Čapek Karel
Women have a special passion for mathematics: they divide their age by two, double the price of their clothes, triple the salary of their husbands and add five years to the age of their girlfriends.

Author: Achard Marcel
Even an old man is always young enough to learn.

Author: Aischylos
Aging is nothing but a habit that a really busy person has no time for.

Author: Maurois André
Beauty is not a sign of goodness. Except in old age.

Author: Paul Jean
A man is but a wandering robber and a vagabond when he has passed his thirtieth year and has not married.

Author: Grillparzer Franz
The young generation feels that a better world is coming with it. The old guard feels that the better world is leaving with them.

Author: Čapek Karel
The most beautiful youth is the youth of spirit when we are no longer young.

Author: Tolstoj Lev Nikolajevič
Childhood is a period of human life midway between the idiocy of infancy and the folly of youth - it distances you from the sins of adulthood and the remorse of old age.

Author: Bierce Ambrose Gwinett
The old man loses one of the greatest human rights: he is no longer judged by his own, by his generation.

Author: Goethe Johann Wolfgang von