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Human characteristics

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Arrogance is a wig to cover mental baldness.

Author: Werich Jan
Those who love praise must earn a reason for it.

Author: Xenofón
Cowards are undoubtedly a dangerous element, but what about brave fools?

Author: Werich Jan
I've often asked myself how it comes together that everyone likes themselves more than other people, yet places less value on their own opinions than those of others.

Author: Aurelius Marcus Antonius
It's better to burn than to burn out.

Author: Cobain Kurt
Envy is the guide to fame, and people like to tear down those they see as too superior to the average.

Author: Nepos Cornelius
The habit of finding only the ridiculous in everything is the most reliable sign of a shallow soul - for the ridiculous always lies on the surface.

Author: Aristoteles
People listen with great pleasure to the one whom they think knows their virtues better than they do.

Author: Xenofón
The best way to know a man is to reprimand him. But since the second way is more feasible, you get to know him a little by praising him.

Author: Paul Jean
People with visible qualities - handsome, witty, and versed in many languages - tend to be vain; people with hidden qualities - virtue, wisdom - tend to be proud.

Author: Paul Jean
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