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Books, poems and readings

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Books are to people what wings are to birds.

Author: Ruskin John
A sure sign of a good book is that we like it more the older we get.

Author: Lichtenberg Georg
All the poet's readers are his secret lovers.

Author: Paul Jean
I found that I learn a lot from the book, but they don't make me human on their own.

Author: Lessing Gotthold
A poet must not repeat himself.

Author: Čapek Karel
There is no such worthless book in which at least something good is not written.

Author: Johnson Samuel
Every perfect poem is one great victory, every sweet stanza is a whole kingdom of peace.

Author: Čapek Karel
If reading does not influence our life, actions and thinking, then it is a pity to read.

Author: Čechov Anton Pavlovič
A book is a movie that takes place in the mind of the reader. That's why we go to the cinema and say: "Hm, the book is better".

Author: Paulo Coelho
Where books are burned, people are burned.

Author: Heine Heinrich