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Quotes about work and laziness

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When I don't have anything to do, I work.

Author: Čapek Karel
I don't even know exactly how much money I have, I don't need more. Every second my songs are playing somewhere or our music is being sold.

Author: John Lennon
It's time for work and for love. There is no other.

Author: Coco Chanel
I'm the worst at what I do best, and I feel blessed for this gift.

Author: Cobain Kurt
In work and knowledge is our salvation.

Author: Rieger František
There is nothing truly valuable that can be achieved without work and effort.

Author: Addison Joseph
Nothing destroys the human body like permanent inactivity.

Author: Aristoteles
Since people cannot work continuously, they need rest, yet rest is not the ultimate goal.

Author: Aristoteles
A slacker is someone who doesn't even pretend to work.

Author: Allais Alphonse
To be lazy is to neglect to do something that one should do and instead want to shit. To idle is to do nothing at all, and yet to want nothing at all.

Author: Čapek Karel