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Quotes about good and evil

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In no man do good intentions come before bad ones.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
Put the most beautiful ideology in the hands of the people and everything will be horrible, murderous, disgusting.

Author: Simmel Johannes Mario
I've been lucky enough to dislike the bad guys, and that's proof that it's okay with me.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
What's good? Everything that increases in man the feeling for power, the will to power, power itself.
What is bad? Anything that comes from weakness. What is happiness? To feel that power increases, that we overcome an obstacle!

Author: Nietzsche Friedrich
The root of evil is lack of knowledge.

Author: Konfucius
All good things are difficult and rare.

Author: Spinoza Benedikt
Bad examples turn against those who set them.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to sit with folded hands.

Author: Burke Edmund
I preach that there be no evil deeds, no evil words spoken, no evil thoughts.

Author: Buddha
Hate will never be eradicated by hate in the world. Hate will be eradicated by love.

Author: Buddha