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Quotes about music

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Music is the cure for the torment of the soul.

Author: Horatius Quintus Flaccus
Music is like the sea. We stand on one shore and can see far, but we cannot see the other shore.

Author: Sienkiewicz Henryk
Music is the universal language of humanity.

Author: Longfellow Henry Wadsworth
Those who want to understand music do not need the ear so much as the heart.

Author: Mahen Jiří
Guru is a rock star of India. Rock stars are the gurus of the west.

Author: John Lennon
Punk is musical freedom. It means saying, doing and playing what you want. According to Webster's dictionary, nirvana means freedom from pain, tribulation and the outside world, and that's pretty much the same as my definition of punk rock.

Author: Cobain Kurt