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Quotes about nature

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It's a mystery of nature and politics that it's often safer to change lots of smaller things than to make one bigger change.

Author: Bacon Francis
Nature itself is a god.

Author: Spinoza Benedikt
Nature surrounds man with a cloud and forces him to keep pointing towards the light.

Author: Goethe Johann Wolfgang von
If you live in harmony with nature, you will never be poor. If you live according to the opinion of men, you will never be rich.

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
Man is the ruler and master of nature.

Author: Purkyně Jan Evangelista
He who does not love trees, let him not claim to love man.

Author: Ruskin John
Nature submits only to those who feel themselves subject to it.

Author: Bacon Francis
Nature has a habit of exacting very usurious interest.

Author: Montaigne Michel de
Man is unhappy because he does not understand nature.

Author: Holbach Paul Henry Dietrich