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Quotes about marriage

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Honest men marry quickly, wise men never.

Author: Cervantes y Saavedra Miguel de
Marrying because we love is an excuse, not a reason.

Author: Achard Marcel
A happy marriage is a tea blend made of love, friendship, passion and respect.

Author: Durych Jaroslav
Marriage is evil, but necessary.

Author: Menandros
The house and the goods are the inheritance of the parents, but a prudent wife from the LORD.

Author: Šalomoun
I'd rather not take my wife as my wife.

Author: Martialis Gaius Valerius
Before marriage, keep your eyes wide open and then half closed.

Author: Franklin Benjamin
Marriage - it is neither hell nor paradise, but simply purgatory.

Author: Lincoln Abraham
The man and the woman are two halves that come together to form a whole.

Author: Platón
Lovers are the most fiery in the evening, husbands the most quarrelsome, for the same reasons.

Author: Paul Jean