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Quotes about fate

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Face your destiny: either avoid evil - and if you cannot avoid it, bear it like a man.

Author: Machiavelli Niccolo
Fate is a cowardly dog, it gets scared when you step on it.

Author: Petofi Sandor
What is greater or braver than to face an evil fate?

Author: Seneca Lucius Annaeus
No one can undo anything. You can't wake the dead, you can't bring back the lost years, and you can't turn the sleepless nights of fear into the sweet sleep of ease.

Author: Werich Jan
Excellent and brilliant destiny arouses envy.

Author: Cicero Marcus Tullius
Everyone determines his own destiny, but he also pays for it.

Author: Euripidés
It is difficult to foresee the destiny that is being judged; it is even more difficult to warn against it.

Author: Konfucius
By fate the spirit was given to man, who can bear pain.

Author: Homér
All the people we meet have destinies that influence their behaviour, but we think too little of it. We expect them to react the way we would react in their place, and therefore, in the vast majority of cases, we cannot understand them, we cannot comprehend them.

Author: Simmel Johannes Mario
What people habitually call fate is mostly their own stupid stunts.
Fate shuffles the cards, we play.

Author: Schopenhauer Arthur