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Quotes about fear

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I never have the best laugh. I'm afraid it might be the last time.

Author: Werich Jan
If you want to control a man, create fear in him.

Author: Paulo Coelho
No emotion is pure, everything is mixed with fear and hatred.

Author: Orwell George
I don't think we'll ever get rid of our fear of the police. It's natural. Every decent person has it. It's in the flaws of our social order.

Author: Remarque Erich Maria
Courage does not mean not having fear - but the ability not to be paralyzed by it.

Author: Paulo Coelho
Fear doesn't allow you to show what you feel.

Author: Paulo Coelho
Courage is the fear that prays.

Author: Paulo Coelho
All the things I've lost in fear of losing something.

Author: Paulo Coelho
If we mock, if we are afraid, we try to convert things into smaller dimensions than they are.

Author: Remarque Erich Maria
A coward is a man who thinks on his feet in the face of danger.

Author: Addison Joseph