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Quotes are extracts or reproductions of words, statements or text from another person or from another source. They are used to quote, reference, or paraphrase authors' opinions, information, or ideas to support an argument, illustrate a topic, or gain authority for the content presented. Quotes are an important element in academic writing, newspaper articles, literature, and many other media where they serve to support and emphasize a particular statement or concept.

In caring for the happiness of others, we find our own.

Author: Platón
Hunger and love determine all human history.

Author: Buddha
Dictators are never cheerful.

Author: Remarque Erich Maria
If you judge, examine; if you rule, command.

Author: Cicero Marcus Tullius
There is nothing more charming than a mother with a child in her arms, and nothing more honourable than a mother in the company of her children.

Author: Goethe Johann Wolfgang von
When you go fishing, the river grows on you like the best woman. She's loyal and exciting, soothing and yet unpredictable.

Author: Werich Jan
Love only makes us happy instead of making our life joyful.

Author: Aischylos
The theologians immediately start claiming that God is outraged when man disagrees with their beliefs.

Author: Voltaire
Books are to people what wings are to birds.

Author: Ruskin John
We can help a man who has broken his leg in his misfortune by convincing him how easily he could have broken his neck.

Author: Kant Immanuel
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