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Mexican jokes

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Why don’t Mexicans pass geography? They don’t know where to draw the border between Mexico and USA
I saw that on a Mexican website.
Why do Mexicans put a Justin Bieber photo in their quesadilla? Just-in queso
Why is the golden eagle in the Mexican flag? Because they want to be l-eagle
What’s the difference between American hot dogs and Mexicans? Americans make hot dogs, Mexicans chili dogs
This Mexican guy won’t stop talking to me. I said "I’m nacho friend” but he doesn’t taco seriously
What do you say to a nosey Mexican? That’s Nacho business
Why do Mexicans have Netflix? For Netflix and chili
What do Mexican marines say to their superiors? Sea señor
I fell in love with a Mexican. I thought she was single, but she is Mariad
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