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Love jokes

You are now in the Love jokes category. Currently, you will find 50 jokes on the subject of Love jokes, which we are constantly expanding for you.

If love is "grand,” then what is divorce?

A hundred grand, or even more.
Have you seen my girl?

She works at the zoo. She’s indeed a keeper!
Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Pauline. Pauline, who?

I’m Pauline, in love with you.
Babe, are you a dictionary?

Because you add meaning to my life.
What did the squirrel say to his partner?

"I’m so nuts about you!”
Why did the lion break up with his partner?

Because she was a cheetah.
Love is complicated. You get angry and tell your partner to go to hell, but you hope they get there safely.
You should be a welder! When we’re together, sparks fly!
My dear, are you French?

Because "Eiffel” for you.
Let’s go to the police! I’ll report you because you stole my heart.