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Pun jokes

You are now in the Pun jokes category. Currently, you will find 101 jokes on the subject of Pun jokes, which we are constantly expanding for you.

German sausage jokes are just the wurst.
Towels can’t tell jokes. They have a dry sense of humor.
Apple is designing a new automatic car. But they're having trouble installing Windows!
Can February March?

No, but April May.
Two windmills are standing in a wind farm. One asks, "What’s your favorite kind of music?” The other says, "I’m a big metal fan.”
How did the picture end up in jail? It was framed!
My ex-wife still misses me. But her aim is starting to improve!
Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda?

He was lucky it was a soft drink!
I bought a boat because it was for sail.
Need an ark to save two of every animal?

I noah guy.
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